Vieyra Wedding-Salina, KS

Alright! I am finally getting around to wrapping up 2016. I can’t think of a better couple to end the year with. I was so excited to get to shoot Liz and James wedding. They have been a great couple in the church to watch grow together, so having a very “CrossPoint” wedding seemed very fitting. One of the only things Liz wanted for her big day was snow, and she got it! Props to these guys for bearing the cold and rain to take some outdoor photos.Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!2017-01-18_00332017-01-18_00352017-01-18_00372017-01-18_00392017-01-18_00412017-01-18_00432017-01-18_00452017-01-18_00472017-01-18_00492017-01-18_00512017-01-18_00532017-01-18_00552017-01-18_00572017-01-18_00592017-01-18_00612017-01-18_00632017-01-18_00652017-01-18_00672017-01-18_00692017-01-18_00712017-01-18_00732017-01-18_00752017-01-18_00772017-01-18_00792017-01-18_00812017-01-18_00832017-01-18_00852017-01-18_00872017-01-18_00892017-01-18_00912017-01-18_00932017-01-18_01002017-01-18_01022017-01-18_01042017-01-18_01062017-01-18_01082017-01-18_01102017-01-18_01122017-01-18_01142017-01-18_01162017-01-18_01182017-01-18_01202017-01-18_01222017-01-18_01242017-01-18_01262017-01-18_01282017-01-18_01302017-01-18_01322017-01-18_01342017-01-18_01362017-01-18_01382017-01-18_01422017-01-18_0144


Sara & Spencer-Engagement-Wichita, KS

This time of year is always so fun. I love getting to see all sorts of couples making the big decision to spend the rest of their loves together. One of those couples includes Sara and Spencer. I have known Sara for quite a while, so I was really excited to meet Spencer. They are perfect together. I had such a wonderful time with them in Old Town Wichita for their Engagement Session. They braved the cold and looked pretty classy while they were at it! Check out a few of my favorites! 2017-01-18_00012017-01-18_00022017-01-18_00032017-01-18_00042017-01-18_00052017-01-18_00062017-01-18_00072017-01-18_00082017-01-18_00092017-01-18_00102017-01-18_00112017-01-18_00122017-01-18_00132017-01-18_00142017-01-18_00152017-01-18_00162017-01-18_00172017-01-18_00182017-01-18_00192017-01-18_00202017-01-18_00212017-01-18_00222017-01-18_00232017-01-18_00242017-01-18_00252017-01-18_00262017-01-18_00272017-01-18_00282017-01-18_00292017-01-18_0030

Tiana-1 Year Old Session-Lindsborg,KS

Oh my gosh. I am a slacker. I got all of these pictures ready for you and forgot to share them! (To my benefit, for the last couple of weeks I have been in bed sick…) Anyway, this little darling turned one on Friday! I had so much fun trying to capture all that is Tiana in photos. Check out a few of my favorites! 2017-01-03_00012017-01-03_00022017-01-03_00032017-01-03_00042017-01-03_00052017-01-03_00062017-01-03_00072017-01-03_00082017-01-03_00092017-01-03_00102017-01-03_00112017-01-03_00122017-01-03_00132017-01-03_00142017-01-03_00152017-01-03_00162017-01-03_00172017-01-03_0018

LeRoy Wedding-Colby, KS

Well, photography season has finally begun to slow down, so I am finishing up my last few things from the fall, including this gorgeous wedding. I had such a great time with Chelsy and Kyle at their wedding out in Colby. It was a little bit chilly, but everyone did such a great job pulling the wedding off. I just loved all of the fall colors they incorporated into their day- check out that and more here:2017-01-02_00022017-01-02_00042017-01-02_00062017-01-02_0008 Continue reading

Lindsay & Tim- Engagement-Manhattan KS

I love Fall. I think I have made that pretty clear. This year, we have been blessed with fall weather that lasted longer than normal. Which paid off for these two! I met up with Lindsay and Tim in Manhattan to get them some engagement pictures. We hit up Anneburg Park and a couple other classic Manhattan spots for some great pictures. They were a lot of fun and I can’t wait to spend more time with them on their big day next summer!

2016-12-01_00012016-12-01_00022016-12-01_00032016-12-01_00042016-12-01_00052016-12-01_00062016-12-01_00072016-12-01_00082016-12-01_0009 Continue reading